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Decorating Around an HVAC Unit

Decorating around an HVAC unit may seem like a lost cause, but not only is it possible, it can be an opportunity to improve the look and ambiance of a space in your home or office. Your first priority is to ensure the necessary airflow and circulation is unimpeded. But once that’s taken care of, [...]

What are the Types of Residential Plumbing Services?

Residential plumbing services range from fixing everything that leaks to repairing anything that clogs. If you’ve unclogged a hairy drain catch in your bathtub or tightened a faucet to stop a drip, you’ve performed basic plumbing services! However, if that drain in the bathtub continues to plug-up even after you’ve done all you know to [...]

Knowing the Right Time to Repair or Replace Your HVAC Unit

An HVAC system is a long-lasting piece of equipment, and chances are the one you have will easily last you 8 to 12 years. But sometimes the issue of HVAC system repair or replacement comes up before the end of the equipment's lifespan, and you're faced with a dilemma. Answering these questions will help you [...]

5 Common Questions and Answers About Central Air Conditioner Problems

With regular HVAC maintenance, your air conditioner is designed to perform reliably for many years. However, now and then, malfunctions will occur. So what are some of the most common air conditioner problems a homeowner is likely to face? Here are five that HVAC consultants frequently address. 1. Why won't my A/C turn on? Before [...]

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3 Main Differences Between Routine and Emergency Plumbing Services

Texas rainfall has never been as dramatic as 2016; all Texans are familiar with the shallow run-off that is generated after a rainfall, but flooding creeks and rivers are currently posing life-threatening hazards. The good news is, most homes here don’t have basements. The bad news is, flood waters then invade ground-level living and working [...]

5 Tips on Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Nothing keeps your HVAC system in shape like regular maintenance. That means scheduling an inspection in the spring on the air conditioner and the fall on the furnace, If you have a heat pump that heats and cools, maintenance should also be performed in fall and spring. A thorough inspection and cleaning will ensure that [...]

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