One-Year No Risk Guarantee

During the first year of your heating and air conditioning system, if you’re dissatisfied with the operation of the furnace or air conditioner we installed, we will promptly correct the problem. If after we correct the problem the equipment is still not operating as per manufacturer’s standards, we will REMOVE the heating and air conditioning equipment and REFUND your money! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

One-Year Low Price Guarantee

Our customers deserve the best furnace and air conditioner for the best price! Our lowest price guarantee is to promise you can’t find a comparable heating and air conditioning installation for less . . . or we’ll pay you a $50 bonus over the difference! All we ask is that the heating and air conditioning system comparison be “apples to apples”!

Five-Year Comfort Guarantee

We guarantee the performance of our HVAC system to insure your TOTAL INDOOR AIR COMFORT. The air conditioning system will provide at the thermostat 75F indoor temperature on a 98F summer day. The heating system will provide at the thermostat 72F indoor temperature on a 34F winter day. If our HVAC system fails to meet these standards, we will make whatever modifications are necessary, up to installing a new system if necessary.

“No Lemons” Guarantee

Our customers deserve 100% of the value they invest in! Should the compressor in your air conditioner fail during the first five years of ownership or the heat exchanger in your furnace fail during the first ten years of ownership, we will remove the “lemon” (not repair it) and install a new one!

Lifetime Ductwork Guarantee

We guarantee our HVAC duct systems to be free of leaks, tears, or breaks for the life of the system. If any problems do occur, Bradbury Brothers will repair or replace any ductwork we installed for your heating and air conditioning system free of charge.

Installation Workmanship Guarantee

Our HVAC installation technicians are the best in skill, attitude and workmanship. They will not smoke or swear in your home. They’ve been drug tested. They wear floor savers and clean up when they’re finished. Your satisfaction with your heating and air conditioning system is their personal responsibility. If you’re not satisfied with their performance, notify us prior to their leaving your home and we’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy that very day.