10 Tips for Fall and Winter HeatingThe fall and winter heating season is just getting started in our region, so you may want to institute some energy-saving measures for your home. These may come in useful if we have a major cold snap this season, or, you can put them into effect next fall and winter.

Fall/Winter Heating Tips

  1. Schedule annual maintenance for your furnace or heat pump. A checkup will pinpoint operational problems that may lead to wasted energy.
  2. Keep your furnace or heat pump filter changed. A filter keeps dirt and other particles out of your equipment so that it runs more efficiently.
  3. Use a good quality air filter. A pleated air filter rated 8-12 on the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) scale will not only keep your equipment cleaner, but will also improve the indoor air quality.
  4. Air seal your home. If you didn’t do it this fall, do it now, prior to cooling season. Caulking, weatherstripping and insulating your home so that conditioned air stays in and unconditioned air stays out will save you money all year long.
  5. Set your thermostat down a few degrees. Experts recommend setting the thermostat at 68 degrees for winter and bundling up. Better yet, install a programmable thermostat to turn the heat down when you’re sleeping or away.
  6. Make use of passive solar heating by opening curtains and shades to let the sun shine in.
  7. If you don’t have ceiling fans, install them. Running the blades clockwise in the winter will push heat down from the ceiling so the home’s occupants feel warmer.
  8. If you’re upgrading your heating equipment, make sure the new system is correctly sized with Manuals J, S and D software, to avoid inefficient operation.
  9. Check your home’s ductwork for cracks, gaps and holes. Repair ducts with mastic sealant and metal screws and tape so that you’re not heating unconditioned spaces such as the attic.
  10. Weatherize windows during the winter with clear plastic film installed inside the window frames.

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