3 Main Differences Between Routine and Emergency Plumbing ServicesTexas rainfall has never been as dramatic as 2016; all Texans are familiar with the shallow run-off that is generated after a rainfall, but flooding creeks and rivers are currently posing life-threatening hazards.

The good news is, most homes here don’t have basements. The bad news is, flood waters then invade ground-level living and working spaces. With routine plumbing inspection and service, you can lower your need to hire emergency plumbing services because we often recommend high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and backflow preventers to homeowners as well as businesses.

Routine vs. Emergency Plumbing Services – What to Expect

You know the most tangible difference between routine maintenance and emergency plumbing: During an emergency, you want a fast repair before any additional damage occurs to your property! Three other differences include:

  1. Money – Emergency plumbing services are usually priced higher than your regularly scheduled plumbing inspection. Rutine visits may be affordable but that cost skyrockets for an emergency call, and that’s just to show up.
  2. Service – During an emergency, your plumber wants to effect a fast fix that will save you damage and loss of property. During your regularly scheduled plumbing visit, your plumber will point out how to save money by lowering energy costs and especially how to avoid an emergency with fixture upgrades and routine maintenance.
  3. Time – Emergencies seldom wait for business hours; your plumber may have to make a middle-of-the-night visit. Routine plumbing service can be scheduled at your convenience.

Bradbury Brothers Services is one of the most community-spirited businesses in southeast Texas. We support the Texas Army National Guard that provides protective services to our fellow residents during times like these when flood waters jeopardize our way of life. We take pride in serving our friends and neighbors in Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Oak Ridge North, Shenandoah, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and surrounding communities. Call 281.661.4283 or contact us with any questions, and if you need emergency plumbing services, we’ll be “always ready, always there,” too.