3 of the Most Common Plumbing Disasters and How to Prevent ThemWith some of the flooding situations we experienced in 2017 (Hurricane Harvey tops the list), most Southeast Texas residents don’t need to be told, “Plan for the worst; hope for the best.” We thought we were prepared.

Plumbing Problems Have Clues

If plumbing disasters could be prevented, you’d think property-owners and homeowners would do whatever it takes. Some plumbing problems take you by complete surprise but you had – and missed – the clues. Those hints that disaster was around the corner should have prompted you to call your Northeast Houston plumber sooner, rather than later.

Here are three plumbing disasters that can be avoided. We’ll also include examples of “red flags” that are your clues.

1. Toilet Overflow

Not only does a toilet overflow create a nasty mess that no one wants to clean, it also creates a health hazard. One easy way to prevent clogged toilets is to ensure nothing gets flushed except human waste and toilet paper.

Red flags: You’ve heard a gurgling sound from your toilet, perhaps right after a washing machine cycle. It has filled several times and nearly overflowed, then slowly drained. It never completely clears with one flush.

2. Hidden Appliance Leak

A small leak can become a big disaster when your refrigerator, dishwasher, or washing machine has an ill-fitting or broken water connection. The average water-damage insurance claim is about $7,000.

Red flags: Visually examine your appliance water connections and look for:

  • Bubbles, bulges in connection/hose
  • Cracking, kinks in connection/hose
  • Discoloration/rust on connection/hose
  • Moisture, drips

3. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Gone Bad

Your neighbor’s Uncle Charlie may be a terrific handyman, but some – actually, most – home repairs are best left to professionals. In his overzealous effort to replace a fixture, he might do more harm than good.

Red flags: He has no license, does not carry insurance to cover his plumbing mistakes, doesn’t have the right tools, and has to make multiple trips to Home Depot for parts.

Prevention: Professional Plumbing Inspection

The best way to prevent a plumbing disaster is to schedule a professional plumbing inspection. Call Bradbury Brothers Heating | Cooling | Plumbing, 281-661-4283 or 936-756-5472. Preventive maintenance is always cheaper than emergency repair!