3 Simple Ways to Reduce Energy CostsFinding easy ways to cut your energy bills could be as simple as door and window sealing and evaluating the condition of your home’s ductwork. Air leaks in any of these three lower your comfort and increase the time it takes to heat and cool your home. The materials for stopping air infiltration are simple to use, inexpensive and widely available.

Finding the Leaks

An energy audit performed by an HVAC contractor is the best way to find all the air leaks in your home, especially in the ductwork. However, it’s possible to complete your own by:

  • Using an incense stick or tapered candle.
  • Closing all the windows and exterior doors.
  • Turning off the bathroom and kitchens fans.
  • Walking through your home with the incense or candle lighted, looking for places where the smoke wavers.
  • Fine-tuning the source of the air leaks and noting their position on a sketch of your home’s envelope. You can also simplify window sealing if you mark the areas of the window where gaps or cracks are present.
  • Inspecting the window frames from the exterior for areas where the frames have leaks.

Discovering leaking ductwork is more of a challenge without the tools that HVAC contractors use, but it’s possible to discover the larger leaks by visually inspecting them. In our region, most of the ducts are placed in the attic, and if you notice any areas around the ductwork or registers that have dusty deposits, ductwork leaks could be the cause.

Sealing the Windows, Doors and Ducts

Acrylic or latex caulk will adequately seal around the window frames, inside and out. If you’re replacing weatherstripping, try to find a brand as similar to the existing weatherstripping as possible. Metal tape and mastic are the materials HVAC contractors use for a strong, durable seal around loose ducts and holes. Duct tape is not suitable for sealing ductwork.

Door and window sealing are projects well within the scope of many homeowners, but if you’d like your ducts evaluated and sealed, contact Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, providing trusted HVAC services for Woodlands area homeowners.