The attic plays a key role in your Texas home’s energy efficiency. Even if you take careful steps to save energy in the rest of your home, a neglected attic can sabotage them. Attic improvements that should be on your to-do list include air sealing, insulation and ventilation.

3 Ways Improving the Attic Can Result in Greater Energy EfficiencyAir Sealing

In the winter, a leaky attic can draw conditioned air up from the living spaces, forcing the furnace or heat pump or work harder to compensate. Air can escape to the outside, as well as infiltrate into the attic through the attic floor and hatch.

In the summer, hot, muggy air from outside can move into the attic through leaks, potentially damaging insulation. This, along with the natural heating on the roof, can raise attic temperatures to 150 degrees and above. Eventually, some of this heat will find its way below.


Attic insulation serves to slow down thermal energy transfer between outside and inside, as well as between living spaces and the attic. In the winter, you want the heat to stay in your home, and in the summer, you want it to stay in the attic.


The attic should have a constant exchange of stale inside air with fresh outside air, both through attic venting and when necessary, mechanical ventilation in the form of an attic fan. This prevents the attic from getting too hot or cold; keeps moisture from developing in the attic where it can damage fixtures and insulation; and works with insulation to prevent ice dams.

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