5 Common Commercial Plumbing Issues ExplainedOur friends at Allen’s Tri-State Mechanical Amarillo say if you’ve had to plunger a toilet or unclog a sink more than once, it may be time to call a professional plumber.

Five Commercial Plumbing Problems

Here are 5 common commercial plumbing issues and what to do:

  1. Broken toilet handles/components – Take advantage of this problem by installing a motion-activated flushing system. They’re more hygienic and lower maintenance. When toilet parts break, unless you are a skilled DIYer (do-it-yourselfer), call your local plumber.
  2. Clogged drains/toilets – Commercial properties may suffer clogged-drains if they have a public restroom. Your public restroom reflects your company’s customer service. If you consistently have clogged drains or toilets, schedule a plumbing inspection.
  3. Leaky faucets/running toilets/silent leaks – One leaky faucet or running toilet can waste gallons of water/year. Your water bill will reflect that! You may see a small leak, but what’s going on behind your drywall or floor? If your water bill increases without explanation, you may have a “silent” leak somewhere in your plumbing. You should schedule a plumbing inspection.
  4. Low water pressure – This is a red flag! You’ll need to schedule a plumbing inspection to determine if you have a burst pipe.
  5. Sewer smells – For customers, this is the worst! It’s bad enough to smell sewage in your yoga class, but customers will turn around and walk out of eateries that stink. Your professional plumber can locate the smelly problem source.

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