5 Common Questions and Answers About Central Air Conditioner ProblemsWith regular HVAC maintenance, your air conditioner is designed to perform reliably for many years. However, now and then, malfunctions will occur. So what are some of the most common air conditioner problems a homeowner is likely to face? Here are five that HVAC consultants frequently address.

1. Why won’t my A/C turn on?

Before you call for repairs, make sure you test a few things. Is the control on the proper setting? Is the thermostat set to a temperature low enough that the A/C will turn on? Is there power in the house, or on your block? Could a breaker be thrown? Address all these possibilities before you call.

2. Why is my unit running but not cooling?

This could be caused by a number of things. First, check the thermostat to make sure the controls are properly set. Check the outdoor condenser for blockages, such as weeds, grass or debris, and clear it away. The compressor could be faulty, or the A/C might need a refrigerant charge. Either situation requires professional attention.

3. Why isn’t my A/C adequately cooling the home?

First, try lowering the thermostat several degrees to see if the house gets cooler. Also, change the air filter if it’s dirty. If the home is still not cool, check the indoor evaporator coil. If it’s dirty, an HVAC tech can clean it with a solution of water and coil cleaner, then dry it with compressed air. It’s also possible your A/C is improperly sized for your home.

4. Why does the A/C shut on and off repeatedly?

This can be caused by a dirty evaporator coil, or the condenser unit may be dirty or blocked. To clean the coil and condenser, or call an HVAC technician to be on the safe side. An A/C that’s too large for the home will also cycle on and off.

5. Why does my air conditioner run continuously?

Your A/C may be sized too small to cool your home adequately.

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