5 Easy Ways to Extend HVAC System LifeYour heating and cooling equipment is robust, built to last years of heavy use. While HVAC systems don’t require constant babying to function well throughout the year, you can extend HVAC system life with a few simple tips.

  1. Change the air filter: Read the manufacturer’s guidelines for how often to change the system’s air filter. The general rule of thumb is to check the air filter every month and change it when it appears dirty, waiting no longer than three months between replacements. This easy step keeps airflow at the optimal level so you don’t put undue strain on the equipment, thus helping to extend HVAC system life.
  2. Keep the outdoor unit clean: If you have an air conditioner or heat pump, the outdoor condensing unit needs some attention from time to time. Check out the metal coils on the outside of the unit. If they’re clogged with fallen leaves, grass clippings, dust or other debris, simply hose the unit down with a light pressure of water to clean it off and improve airflow.
  3. Open all return and supply registers: The system is built with a specific static pressure in mind. If you close too many registers, you throw off this balance and promote moisture buildup in the system, which can lead to mold problems. Keep all return registers unblocked and at least 80 percent of supply registers open to prevent these problems.
  4. Clean ductwork grills: Wipe off or vacuum the vents and grills around your home about once a year to remove dust and debris that has collected there. This is another method for ensuring airflow remains at the ideal level.
  5. Check the condensate drain: Air conditioners, heat pumps and condensing furnaces have condensate drains that collect moisture resulting from heating or cooling your home. Normally, liquid drips into the pan and drains to the outside, but if a blockage occurs, water could back up and damage the HVAC equipment. Prevent this with a quick inspection every few months.

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