Your IAQ (indoor air quality) may be unhealthy. IAQ is just as important as keeping kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean from harmful bacteria. Perhaps we take it for granted because poor air quality isn’t something we can see. “Out of sight, out of mind,” can mean your home or office air quality could be unhealthy, and the people you care most about exposed to respiratory illnesses.

5 Signs Your IAQ May Be Unhealthy

Here are some signs you may be at risk for indoor air pollution:

  1. Airborne illness – Symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia may be minor, but they can lead to severe health problems. Get your air system cleaned, and in addition to replacing filters, you may need to invest in an air purifier.
  2. Allergy symptoms – Seasonal allergies are common, but take note if you have unusual nosebleeds, congestion, coughing, headaches, sneezing, and watery eyes. If they worsen when you enter your home or office, your indoor air quality may be poor.
  3. Construction pollutants – Though the workers wear face masks, you aren’t protected from dust and chemicals that may be airborne near a construction site or even your own renovation project. Take note of your environment and any possible air pollutants. At home, change your air filters immediately after a remodeling job.
  4. Humidity – In this area, above-average humidity is a fact of life, so if you notice skin or mouth dryness, your air quality may be suspect.
  5. Inconsistent air distribution – If one spot in your house is too cold or too hot, you may have issues with your vents and/or filters.

IAQ is Important

Your indoor air quality is our business. During annual tune-ups, we’ll check your indoor air quality as well as your heating and cooling operating system. Call 281.651.5484, 936.271.2030, or contact us online to schedule your spring HVAC checkup. The HVAC professionals at Bradbury Brothers Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical serve Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, Oak Ridge North, Shenandoah, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and surrounding communities.

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