5 Tips on Heating and Cooling MaintenanceNothing keeps your HVAC system in shape like regular maintenance. That means scheduling an inspection in the spring on the air conditioner and the fall on the furnace, If you have a heat pump that heats and cools, maintenance should also be performed in fall and spring.

A thorough inspection and cleaning will ensure that your system keeps you comfortable year round and that the chance for breakdowns is minimized. Often, replacing parts that show signs of wear before they malfunction can spare you more expensive repairs down the line.

Following are some of the tasks your technician should do, both indoors and outdoors on your heating and cooling system.

Outdoor Unit

  • Check refrigerant level, adding if necessary.
  • Clean out cabinet if needed.
  • Look for dirt buildup on condenser coil, cleaning if needed.
  • Check for wear and proper operation of the fan motor and blades.
  • Check controls, including wiring, connections, capacitors and electrical parts.

Indoor Unit

  • Inspect and clean evaporator coil.
  • Check drain pan and condensate drain for obstructions, cleaning if needed.
  • Check for correct refrigerant charge.
  • Check controls, electrical connections and thermostat.
  • Check ductwork for leaks.

On furnaces, do the following:

  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Clean combustion blower housing.
  • Inspect, clean and adjust burners.
  • Inspect, clean and adjust ignition system.
  • Inspect heat exchanger.
  • Inspect flue, making sure it’s properly attached, or look for corrosion, replacing parts as needed.

While system is on:

  • Listen for odd noises, check how system starts and performs, and if there are unusual odors, look for the source.
  • Check for system pressures.
  • Check and adjust gas pressure.
  • Check vent system.
  • Measure rise of temperature, adjusting airflow if needed.

One important thing you can do as a homeowner is to make sure the air filter is changed regularly, summer or winter. If you use a high-quality air filter, change it at least every three months; if you use a cheaper filter, change it at least once a month.

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