5 Tips to Help You Buy a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters eliminate the big storage units that take up space and waste energy. They have so many selling points:

  • They may not be no-maintenance, but they are low-maintenance.
  • With proper maintenance, the life expectancy of a tankless water heater is about 20 years (Your storage tank water heater’s lifespan is about 12 years).
  • They use less energy, and that savings will be reflected on your energy bill.
  • They waste less water.

Let’s Go Shopping!

In the gas vs. electric tankless water heaters comparison, both have merits. Electric costs a bit more but has better energy savings and more location and installation options. You’ll choose what works for your property.

Five things to examine when buying a tankless water heater include:

  1. High energy – Look for the EF (energy factor) rating. It should be at or above 0.90. An EF of 1.0 means the unit is 100% efficient.
  2. Location – The temperature of the water that enters your home is a factor; 35°-40° is typical for our northern neighbors; 65°-70° is a common water temperature range for us.
  3. Maintenance – Because of modular construction, repairs are easier. The malfunctioning part can be replaced without compromising the entire unit.
  4. Size – Older storage tanks were sized by gallons, but tankless water heaters are sized by gallons of hot water produced per minute (GPM). This is where we can help with the math. You need to estimate the peak hot water demand for your family. How often are the dishwasher and washing machine running while someone is showering upstairs?
  5. Unit operations – One tankless water heater may take care of your home. Larger families may want to consider multiple units, including point-of-use installation. Because of their smaller size, venting and unit locations have more options.
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Residential Plumbing: It’s All About You

There are many pros and cons of tankless water heaters. What’s most important is getting maximum energy efficiency and good water delivery for your family’s lifestyle. If this is your year for a water heater upgrade, call Bradbury Brothers Cooling, Heating & Plumbing, 281-661-4283 to schedule your full-service plumbing inspection.