5 Ways to Cut Heating Costs This WinterAll of us are looking for ways to save energy and to preserve sustainable resources whenever we can. Lowering your HVAC (heating, ventilation. air conditioning) usage not only saves our natural resources but can save money, too! Here in Texas, it’s difficult to predict heating costs. Fuel prices are lower this year, but La Niña may influence our 2016-17 winter; “extreme weather” is the forecast. The Old Farmer’s Almanac also predicts weather slightly colder than usual.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Tips to Lower Heating Costs

Most homeowners are living busy lives; juggling work, kids, and other activities often doesn’t leave enough time to relax, let alone do your own heating and cooling maintenance. But here are some fast and easy ways to lower your heating costs this winter:

  1. Maintain a consistent air temperature –You can save up to 5% on heating costs if you avoid raising and lowering your thermostat settings. It’s cheaper to wear a sweater.
  2. Eliminate drafts – If you cover your windows and casement with plastic, you can save as much as 14% on your monthly bill.
  3. Use door sweeps on external doors – This is another way to eliminate drafts; you’ll block the cold air and keep the warm air where it should be: inside your house.
  4. Utilize natural sunlight – During the day, open shades and curtains on your south- and west-facing windows. Closing them at night also lowers your potential heat loss.
  5. Inventory your heating vents – Do a walk-through and make sure your home’s heating vents are open and that none of them are blocked by furniture.

Lower Heating Bills with Professional Tune-Ups

For this area of southeast Texas, Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning is the HVAC company to call. We believe positive customer references are the key to choosing your HVAC professionals; be sure to read our local reviews from 11 of this area’s cities. You can also check Angie’s List to see our current specials! Our HVAC “tune-ups” and maintenance plans are designed to save you money on cooling and heating costs, so call 281.651.5484, 936.271.2030, or contact us online for more information.