6 Steps to Minimize Air Conditioner RepairsYou know how the seasons are erratic in Texas. Just when you think it’s time to turn on your heating system – oops! The temperature hits a balmy high, and your air conditioning (AC) is on again.

Air Conditioner Repairs are Avoidable

You can lower your risk for expensive air conditioner repairs by scheduling regular maintenance visits with your local HVAC company. Ezine writer Janet Slagell stresses the importance of regular HVAC maintenance:

Don’t overlook the value of scheduled HVAC maintenance visits, as they can alert you of small concerns before they become big ones. As part of their inspection, they will look at elements such as the amount of refrigerant, leaks, how well the electric coil is working, check the terminals then clean and tighten them, inspect the belts for wear and tear and inspect other key parts of your AC’s components.

Year-Round AC Possible

Your AC might be used every month of the year in this area. Because of more-than-average use, it’s especially important to keep your AC system in top shape to lower the risk of air conditioner repairs. In addition to your professional HVAC inspections, here are 6 steps you can take to minimize the possibility of air conditioner repairs:

  1. Change your air filter according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Clean around the outside unit. Clear any debris, leaves, or overgrowth around your outside unit.
  3. Cover the outdoor unit. This is especially important if there’s a frost/freeze warning to prevent damage to the unit.
  4. Make sure your ductwork is sealed. If you aren’t sure, make a note of which rooms in the house usually seem warmer than others.
  5. Check ductwork insulation. If you don’t have permanent ductwork insulation, add a new layer before winter.
  6. Schedule your HVAC winter inspection. Call 281.651.5484 or 936.271.2030

AC Tune-Ups

Call your HVAC professionals at Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an in-home inspection. We’ll explain which AC maintenance plan works best for your household as well as make recommendations for services needed now and in the future. Remember to check our specials; one of them may be just for you!