A lot of heat can transfer between the outside and inside of windows, through gaps and cracks, or through thin widow panes. This is mainly a problem in the winter, when uncomfortable cold drafts make their way inside. However, it also can be an issue in the summer, when heat transfers inside, making your A/C work harder to compensate.

A/C Feel Like it's Not Working? It Could Be Drafty Windows

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Man applying silicone sealant with caulking gun

If the window leakage problem is serious enough, you might even think the air conditioning’s not working at all. Proper window sealing is the main way to address this issue for all-season comfort and energy savings.

Strategies for Window Sealing

You might not instantly think of this solution, but it’s the easiest and cheapest. Use drapes, curtains, shades and other window treatments to block heat transfer, both in terms of warm air infiltrating through leaky windows and thermal energy pushing through window panes. During sunny afternoons, close the drapes to block the warming rays of sunshine. You’ll see the dividends with lower energy bills. In the winter, you can close curtains and drapes at night-time and open them to take advantage of solar heating during sunny afternoons.

Apply weatherstripping and caulk for effective window sealing. Older windows especially are prone to leakage as the passage of time shrinks window sashes or house settling shifts window and door frames, springing leaks. Thread rope caulk into cracks, and firmly press it into the seams. Replace worn or missing weatherstripping on movable parts of windows (and doors). This saves energy in both summer and winter. If you’re a rookie at weatherstripping, start at the back of the house on less conspicuous windows, so your “training period” won’t be as evident.

When you notice that window glazing is missing, it needs to be replaced. Durable, effective glazing does a lot to keep warm air and energy from entering the home during the cooling season (and warm air/heat energy escaping in the winter). Find credible online instructions for replacing old glazing putty.

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