Air Conditioner Installation: Important Factors Your A/C Contractor Should ConsiderChances are the new air conditioning system for your home will be more energy efficient than the one you’re replacing, but to get the most from it, pay attention to the air conditioner installation process. How it’s installed does make a difference in its overall efficiency. A quality installation will help you achieve the energy savings and long lifetime the new system promises.

System Compatibility

If you’re just replacing the air handler or the outdoor condenser, ask the HVAC contractor to show you that it matches the remaining component perfectly. The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) issues compatibility data that the installer can show you to assure you it matches.


Once you’ve gone through the system sizing process using Manual J software, the next step is to assess the compatibility of the ductwork delivery system. The airflow going into the rooms and returning to the air handler needs to be balanced, and correct sizing is the first step in the process.

In our region, most ductwork runs through the attic and it needs to be insulated and tightly sealed to prevent excessive thermal losses and ductwork leaks. Testing the tightness of the ductwork before the air conditioner installation process is complete will save energy dollars and lengthens system life.


If possible, the outdoor condenser needs to be placed in as shady a location as possible. If you have anything that blocks the free flow of air around the condenser, the efficiency will go down. The thermostat needs to be in a draft-free location where it receives no sunshine.


Once the system is in place, the installation team needs to double-check the refrigerant charge. If it’s off slightly one way or another, the system won’t run as efficiently, especially if the level is too low.

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