Does Your Air Conditioner Need Repairs or Is It Time for a Replacement?When A/C problems crop up unexpectedly, you may need to decide whether air conditioner repairs are the solution, or if it’s time to replace the equipment. If you have the following issues and your A/C is more than 10 years old, replacement may be the wisest choice:

  • Higher utility bills. The older an A/C gets, the less efficient it becomes, so its energy usage gradually increases. Even if you’ve maintained it with yearly tune-ups, your older inefficient unit is devouring energy in comparison to today’s equipment. The seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) of new A/Cs range from 13 to 25. Upgrading to a mid-range, SEER 16 model could cut your seasonal energy consumption by 60 percent.
  • Poor humidity control. That decline in efficiency also decreases the A/C’s ability to distribute air throughout your home, which affects how well it dehumidifies the space. When excess moisture isn’t removed, you’ll start having issues with mold and mildew growth, compromised air quality and a loss of comfort.
  • Diminished reliability. As mechanical equipment ages, its reliability starts to slip, and your A/C is no exception. Relying on an older air conditioner that’s prone to frequent breaks down costs you not only in terms of repair bills, you’ll pay with lost comfort and inconvenience too.
  • Phased-out refrigerant. Due to the damage it does to the earth’s ozone layer, the R-22 refrigerant used in older A/Cs will be off the market by 2020, and what’s available is becoming much more expensive. If your A/C needs a major repair, upgrading now to new equipment that uses R-401A may be your most cost-effective option.
  • Noisy operation. Every air conditioner makes distinctive sounds while it’s running properly. If you’re hearing strange new noises from your older A/C, though, it may be due to a serious and expensive issue with the compressor or evaporator.

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