How Alkaline Water Filtration Systems WorkWhat’s the most popular drink in Texas? In the country? Well, it isn’t Dr. Pepper®, even though Southwest Airlines won’t fly without Dr. Pepper and Fritos®. Bottled water is the leading drink sold in the U.S.; we averaged 39.3 gallons of bottled water per person in 2016! It’s no longer enough to buy purified bottled waters; we want our homes to have the good taste of a water filtration system. It’s also not enough to want pure water; we want healthier water.

Water Filtration Options

Reverse osmosis (R/O) is still the most popular water filtration method, but it’s arguably not the best. It removes the dangerous contaminants, so your water is almost 100% pure. But it also removes some naturally occurring minerals that our bodies need. Alkaline water filtration is the answer for many people. So how can you get the purity of R/O as well as the benefits of alkaline/ionized water?

Antioxidant water filtration removes contaminants from the water (the filter stage) and creates alkaline ionized water (the antioxidant stage). The mineral hydrates in alkaline water neutralize acids that your unfiltered tap water can’t.

You can choose by-the-pitcher water filtration, stand-alone unit (wastes more water), whole-house, or under-the-counter (Some people opt for kitchen/laundry room only.). The type of water filtration you want depends on your situation and your lifestyle. A single couple with soft water for laundry and dishes might desire the simplicity of by-the-pitcher water filtration. Another family may need an under-the-counter system. But if you have an active family and hard water, a whole-house alkaline water filtration system could be beneficial.

Best Whole-House Water Filtration Systems for 2018

The max flow rate is measured by gallons per minute (GPM); larger homes need greater GPM. Other whole-house water filtration considerations include maintenance, price, effectiveness, and warranty. These were the best systems for 2018, based on reviews in alphabetical (not by rating) order:

  • 3M Aqua-Pure AP903APEX MR-3020Aquasana 10-Year Pro KitDupont WFPF 13003BHome Master HMF2SDGCHome Master HMF3SDGFECiSpring WGB22BISpring WGB32Watts WH-LDWhirlpool WHEJL1

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