What Should I Do with Appliances After My House Flooded?If a tropical storm hits the Gulf Coast of Texas, the salt water can’t – shouldn’t – get to where we live. Unfortunately, flooding in this area of Southeast Texas is not an unusual event. If you are faced with in-home flooding, you’ve got a lot to deal with, and one of your issues may be whether or not to try to salvage your appliances.

Assuming the in-home flooding did not involve salt water, do you repair or replace your appliances?

Repair or Replace – How to Decide

Whether to replace or repair appliances damaged by floodwaters depends on how long they were in the water and the amount of coverage your insurance company allows. Other considerations include:

  • Age – New appliances may offer better energy efficiency, justifying the expense of replacement.
  • Cost – Repairs and replacement parts may cost as much or more than buying new appliances.
  • Reliability – You may not see it right away, but flooding can cause appliance parts to corrode.
  • Safety – Again, it may not be immediately noticeable, but corroded or clogged parts can later cause electrical problems that include fire, explosion or shock.
  • Warranty – Repairing some appliances may void the warranty.

All work on electric or gas appliances should be done by a qualified, licensed professional. Your appliance service professional should check all of your appliances, especially washer/dryer electrical contacts and connections. Most manufacturers recommend replacing:

  • Electrical components
  • Gas valves
  • Motors
  • Safety controls

Stoves and ovens are usually repairable, but wet controls should be replaced.

We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

If you can schedule a routine inspection with Bradbury Brothers Services, it will be less expensive than emergency service. Another difference between routine and emergency plumbing service is whether or not you can wait longer for the scheduled service.

The most important – and perhaps the deciding factor – is safety. Put our numbers in your cell phone contacts, and call 281.661.4283 or 936.756.5472 if you have floodwater damage. If you already have a regular maintenance plan with us, in the event of area-wide water damage, you’ll be a priority.