Back-to-School Energy Savings: Get Them While  You CanSummer is a time of high energy consumption for most families, which translates into big monthly utility bills during the school break. Now that classes are back in session, you have an golden opportunity to get those high energy bills under control. These tips for back-to-school energy savings can help:

  • Use your programmable thermostat. Make sure you’re using the thermostat’s programming effectively around your family’s lifestyle and daily schedule. Schedule 7- to 10-degree temperature setbacks for eight-hour periods during the day if no one’s at home and at night while everyone’s sleeping. For every one-degree drop, you’ll reduce energy consumption by one percent.
  • Get rid of energy vampires. Even though the kids are in school, their electronics and plug-in devices may still be devouring energy. You may not realize that vampire energy consumption can add 5 to 10 percent to your annual operating costs. To reduce this drain, put all these devices on power strips, and flip the switch every morning.
  • Close window coverings. The heat of the sun beating in through the windows all day can add to cooling costs this time of year. Reduce heat gain and give the A/C a break by closing the shades and blinds during the day.
  • Test the heating system. Now that school has started, it’s time for a fall HVAC examination to ensure the system is operating safely and efficiently. Scheduling a professional inspection and tune-up now provides peace of mind that your family will be warm and cozy throughout the winter months.

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