Basic Dishwasher Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know!It’s one of the most appreciated home appliances, saving time, money and precious resources. The dishwasher is usually a low-maintenance device. If you’re like most people, you probably think it gets a good cleaning every time you use it – but that’s not the case. Food scraps, soap scum and grease can all conspire to jeopardize your dishwasher’s performance.

Regular dishwasher maintenance is the key to keeping this favorite appliance in good working order. Here are five easy tips for keeping your dishwasher performing at its best.

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

  1. On the Level: Unless your dishwasher is level, it could leak and leave a mess on the kitchen floor. To make sure it’s properly balanced, open the door and place a level on the inside edge. If it’s level – great! If not, adjust the feet or add a wedge until it’s correctly balanced.
  2. A Clean Seal: Use a vinegar and water solution with a rag or soft toothbrush and wipe or gently scrub around the dishwasher door seal.
  3. Clean the Drain: Take out the bottom rack to access the dishwasher drain. Remove any gunk or chunks of food you find. They not only impede drainage, but they can also damage the machine.
  4. Check the Temperature: It’s important to use the right temperature water so that your dishes get properly cleaned. Make sure your water heater is set between 120 and 125 degrees. Anything higher will cause the water to flash dry, leaving behind bits of food on what’s inside.
  5. How Hard is Your Water?: Hard water makes it really difficult to get things thoroughly clean. In Texas, hard water can be caused by any number of minerals, so be sure to have yours tested and soften accordingly.

Give your dishwasher some TLC every once in a while to keep it in tip-top shape and to prolong its life. These simple dishwasher maintenance tips can keep your machine sparkling clean, sweet smelling, and effective for years to come. To learn more about dishwasher maintenance or to schedule a routine home inspection with Bradbury Brothers Services, contact us today.