3 Tasks to Tackle Before Upgrading the Heating System in Your HomeBefore upgrading a heating system, make sure all your ducks are in a row. Unless your existing furnace is unsafe or disfunctional, you’ve got the time to do this right. Furnaces can last a long time if properly cared for and just by upgrading to a new standard efficiency model, you’re probably going to be in for a major improvement in both efficiency and performance. To make sure you get the lower operating costs, more effective heating and long service life you’re expecting, take these important steps before upgrading a heating system.

Get an Energy Audit

First things first. You need to know the overall condition of your home to make the best choice for a furnace upgrade. An energy audit performed by a qualified HVAC professional will reveal pitfalls like air leaks, defective ductwork and lack of adequate insulation. You may find that nominal money spent on improving the physical status quo of the home first will enable you to save by purchasing a smaller, more efficient replacement than the existing unit.

Find the Right Professional

The technical installation process of a new furnace isn’t a job for DIYers or the local handyman. This critical phase requires a qualified professional with the expertise and equipment to get it right. A substandard installation can permanently establish low efficiency and poor performance in a new system. Make sure the installer has a contractor’s license and check for local references, too. Ask about experience and professional qualifications and whether they comply with manufacturer installation standards for new systems.

Get a Load Calculation

Any reputable HVAC contractor will want to accurately calculate the heating load on your home before installing a new system. This room-by-room survey gathers data about the unique thermal characteristics of your home. The technician inputs the data into industry-standard software to generate an exact figure of the furnace BTU capacity required to heat the home effectively and efficiently. Furnaces with too much or too little capacity are inefficient and cost more to operate.

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