Burst Pipes Can Be Messy - How to Know if You Need Pipe RepairMany people think burst pipes happen only in the winter, but they can occur in any season! If one or more of your home’s pipes burst, dealing with the aftermath can be a messy affair. At Bradbury Brothers Services, we’ve helped homeowners throughout The Woodlands area take immediate care of a burst pipe before it causes further damage.

What Causes Pipes to Burst?

There are many things that can cause burst pipes. The most common are:

  • Severe cold temperatures. As the water in your pipes freeze, pressure builds up, eventually weakening them.
  • Corrosion is common in homes built before 1970. Many homes of the time were built with steel pipes, which become brittle and flake over time. If you have steel pipes, regularly check them during your yearly plumbing maintenance and inspection to make sure they’re still in good condition.
  • Environmental changes, such as nearby construction, may cause a pipe to collapse. As the soil around major pipelines shifts, it may increase the weight put upon them. The result? A rupture that can cause a lot of inconveniences.

How to Identify Leaky or Burst Pipes

It can seem that a burst pipe happens without warning, with water suddenly gushing everywhere, soaking everything in its path. Look for signs that indicate you may have a leaky pipe – or one that’s in danger of bursting: a slow-moving drain, clogged toilet, or even the water pump itself. Anything that causes pressure on your home’s pipes can cause them to burst.

Keep an eye out for pooling water under any sink, in the yard or in the attic. Check floors and ceilings for water marks. Do you smell a moldy, musty odor? Is your water bill suddenly higher? All can be a sign you have a pipe problem.

Let Us Help

Do you own a home, condo or investment property in The Woodlands, TX or surrounding areas? To learn more about burst pipes and the repair and maintenance services we provide, or to schedule a routine home inspection with Bradbury Brothers Services, contact us today.

When you have a burst pipe, you have an emergency. You should call an emergency plumber right away to minimize the damage. There are a few different reasons your pipes might have burst, including freezes, age/condition of your pipes and tree root intrusion, so you’ll want to pick a plumber who has experience with all of the above to quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

But before the plumber arrives, the first course of action is to turn off the flow of the water! If you cannot locate the knob to do this, give Bradbury Brothers a call. Our experienced emergency plumbers can help you locate it, stop further damage right away and resolve your plumbing problem.

Sometimes the signs of a burst pipe are unmistakable, like water pouring from your ceiling or walls. But other times, you might notice signs that aren’t so obvious with a slower leak, such as:

  • Fluctuating water pressure.
  • The sound of running water coming from the walls. Water marks or soggy spots on your wall or ceiling.
  • Soft spots on your lawn.

If your water bill is much steeper than normal, this can also indicate a slower leak. You don’t want to be stuck with steep water bills and water damage in your home for too long, so call in an  emergency plumber if you notice any signs of a burst pipe. Bradbury Brothers is here to help our Texas neighbors. Call us today.

The main cause of a burst water pipe is usually freezing weather. If water freezes in a pipe, it causes the pipe’s material to experience pressure and ultimately crack.

In warmer areas, the causes of burst water pipes are more likely to be:

  • Rusty pipes.
  • Hard water.
  • Bad installation.

If a pipe bursts in your home, act fast. Time is definitely money when talking about water damage and water bills. If you have any need for an emergency plumber, Bradbury Brothers is here in The Woodlands, TX area to act swiftly, so contact us right away.