How Can You Extend the Life of Your Water Heater?The birth of a new year offers us an anticipation of good things to come; kind of like a “new life.” Conscientious people take healthful steps to extend their own lives, and diligent people do what is needed to extend the life of their possessions. If we helped you with a new water heater in 2016 – but especially if you have an older one now – there are ways to extend the life of this vital appliance, too.

Some of the ways to prolong your water heater’s life include:

  • Flushing the tank annually
  • Installing a PRV (pressure-regulating valve)
  • Installing an expansion tank

Cutting to the chase, Popular Mechanics says if your water heater is five years old, change the sacrificial anode rod.

Your water heater tank is steel, lined with vitrified porcelain to protect it from water damage – rust – but the liner itself has tiny openings as a result of the application process. So the manufacturer installs a “sacrificial” anode rod. Soft water actually takes a harder toll on the anode than hard water; 5-10 years is its approximate lifespan.

“A heater with a six-year tank warranty is probably equipped with an anode that lasts about five years,” says PM. “A ten-year heater will be given a larger anode or even two. If it still has some life left in it, there’s still no harm done replacing it.”

Let’s Be Plumbing ‘Partners’ in 2017

“Will you be my Valentine?” in today-speak can roughly translate to, “Will you be my partner?” which is how all of us at Bradbury Brothers Services feel about our customers. Yes, we provide plumbing services to our friends and neighbors, but more than that, we “partner” with our customers to extend the life of your plumbing fixtures as well as increase the value of your home investment. We’re on your team!

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