A Consumer’s Guide to Selecting a Hot Water HeaterChances are, you’ll buy at least 2 – and maybe more – hot water heaters in your lifetime. For most of us, water heaters are a big purchase, and the price can be anywhere from $1,000-$3,000.

Be Prepared

Many of us research Consumer Reports before making a large purchase, like a car or refrigerator. If your water heater is nearing retirement age (8-10 years old), it’s a good idea to examine options now, while you aren’t under pressure to find a fast fix in an emergency.

Here’s some information from our friends at Consumer Reports to help you make an informed decision:

  • Capacity – Your professional plumber can explain what size hot water tank will accommodate your household based on peak capacity water use.
  • Space – Be sure to check measurements and diameters of a water heater before you buy, especially if you have limited space.
  • Types of water heaters – Energy-saving water heaters cost more up-front, but they should offer long-term savings. Today, you have more water heater choices than ever before:
    • Condensing – Like a storage tank water heater, but utilizes exhaust gasses that are normally wasted.
    • Heat pump (hybrid) – Using about 60% less energy, it uses heat from the air and transfers it to water. Energy/money savings are realized more quickly.
    • Solar – Another good choice for this area. Solar cell captures sun’s heat and transfers it. Backup system for cloudy/cold days.
    • Storage tank – Most common; water is stored until needed.
    • Tankless (on-demand) – Heat coils provide about 3.5 gallons/minute.

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