Costs of Not Maintaining Your Heating and CoolingYour HVAC unit is a workhorse, designed to function year in, year out, doing a heavy-duty job of heating and cooling your home in all kinds of weather. But even though these systems are well equipped for hard work, they need occasional maintenance. A spring and fall maintenance checkup is a must for ensuring the parts function as they should, and that potential malfunctions are caught before they cause big problems and system failure.

Here are some of the things that a service technician should check on your system.


The thermostat ensures that the system reaches the temperature set points you’ve programmed. Otherwise, your home’s occupants won’t be comfortable. A thermostat malfunction also means your system isn’t heating and cooling your home efficiently, and you’re wasting money on utility bills.

Improper Refrigerant Charge

Your air conditioner requires a proper level of refrigerant to function properly. When the level is too low, your A/C will struggle to cool the home, and you’ll waste money. By law, only a licensed service professional can handle refrigerant, so don’t think you can top it off yourself. A low refrigerant charge may also be a sign of a leak. Refrigerant should be checked out every year before you turn on the unit.

Condensate Drain Blocked

A service professional should always check the condensate drain in the inside section of the unit. Condensate drains are where the condensation goes as the unit conditions and dries out the home’s air. A blocked condensate drain may prevent the air conditioner from properly dehumidifying the home, so that you have to set the temperature lower and lower to feel comfortable. A blocked condensate drain may also lead to leaks and flooding.

Other potential problems due to lack of maintenance: a dirty blower, power malfunctions or a blocked condenser, often caused by dryer lint or plants clogging the unit. These issues can all lead to HVAC system failures and costly replacement of parts.

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