Decorating Around an HVAC UnitDecorating around an HVAC unit may seem like a lost cause, but not only is it possible, it can be an opportunity to improve the look and ambiance of a space in your home or office. Your first priority is to ensure the necessary airflow and circulation is unimpeded. But once that’s taken care of, “the sky’s the limit.” Literally!

Decorating around an HVAC is Looking Up

You’ve probably seen them on your travels to South or Central America: says that remote-controlled, individual mini-split air units that extend from a wall are now trending in tropical areas of the U.S.

One idea is to create a high wall shelving unit. Perhaps you’ll feature collectibles that are bright white, and on the top shelf will perch your white AC unit. Again, with airflow unimpeded, their placement can be discreetly overhead and:

  • Above armoires
  • Above bookcases
  • Above doorways
  • Above windows
  • Recessed into false ceiling/wall beams
  • Over your bed

An Opportunity to Show Your Style!

A large, imposing HVAC unit in a living room is a greater challenge, but has the potential for fabulous decorating results! Think about creative use of latticework . . . Then construct a sturdy box-like structure to cover your HVAC unit. House Beautiful says you can make this area a window-seat-like retreat or use it to create and “frame” a particularly attractive nook in your home or apartment living room. “Use some sort of grille-work (or lattice-work) . . .” as part of the structure, says interior designer Scott Meacham Wood. “You should still get good air circulation through the front and create a little retreat.”

’Tis the Season

Weather-related power spikes can often be attributed to appliances that draw substantial power – like AC compressors. The 2016 hurricane season has arrived, so it’s time to do an inspection of your home’s surge protectors. If you need information about dedicated surge protectors (and/or tips for decorating around an HVAC unit!), call 281-651-5484, 936-271-2030 or contact Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. We are so confident in our work that we offer a one-year no-risk guarantee and a 5-year Comfort Guarantee on our systems.