There are three different types of residential plumbing services: inspection, maintenance, and repair. There are also three basic differences between residential and commercial plumbing services:

Different Types of Commercial Plumbing Services – Getting What You Need When You Need It

  1. Size of the plumbing – Commercial properties have more pipes, water intake/outlets, toilets, sinks, and more usage demand.
  2. Structural complexity – A commercial property usually has a minimum of 2 floors. Gravity plays a significant role in commercial property plumbing problems.
  3. Types of problems – A commercial property is so large that problems can hide for months, even years, before detected.

What Your Commercial Plumber Can Do

Commercial, industrial, and municipal plumbing services require a level of expertise, training, and even tools that residential-only plumbers don’t have. There are also more codes that professional plumbers have an obligation to observe. The wrong plumber can make some very costly mistakes for your company! And slippery floors are an insurance hazard no one wants to face.

Here are some examples of what your commercial plumbing professional should be able to inspect, maintain, and repair:

  • Backflow prevention equipment – Many cities require the installation of a backflow preventor at each cross-connection point.
  • Faucets – Large businesses need more than one type of faucet, and those faucets should be able to handle hundreds to thousands of gallons of water per day.
  • Sump pump – A commercial sump pump is the “last line of defense” for flood prevention, so your commercial plumbing service should offer routine inspection and maintenance.
  • Toilets – Commercial toilets have many users and abusers, and should be able to accommodate much more water usage.
  • Water heaters – Water heaters for commercial businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Usage and capacity, type of heating fuel, location and storage are all factors in choosing the right type of commercial water heater.

Your commercial company and property are a major investment, but one of the best investments you can make is preventive plumbing maintenance services. Bradbury Brothers Services can help you avoid expensive downtime due to plumbing repairs. Call 281.661.4283, 936.756.5472 or contact Bradbury Brothers Services today. Follow us on Facebook, too!