Do you know how to reprogram a programmable thermostat?If you have a programmable thermostat, and it’s not programmed for energy savings when you’re away from home or sleeping, then you’re wasting money. Just raising your temperature a few degrees in the summer and lowering it a few degrees in the winter when the home’s occupants are inactive or away can save on utility bills. Here’s how to reprogram your thermostat for savings.

Programming Modes

First, it’s important to understand that programmable thermostats are available in three modes:

  • 7 day–Program a different set of temperatures for every day of the week.5-1-1–Program the same temperatures for the weekdays, then a different set of temperatures on Saturday and yet another on Sunday.
  • 5-2–Program the same temperatures for the weekdays, then a different set of temperatures for the weekend.

Do you know which type your programmable thermostat is? You will need to determine this before you begin programming, perhaps by referring to the thermostat manual.

Programming for Savings

Homeowners looking to save money usually program the thermostat to lower the temperature in the winter a half hour or so before people are due to leave for work or school, then raise the temperature a half hour before they are due home. At night, a half hour before everyone goes to bed, the temperature is lowered a few degrees and then raised a few degrees a half hour before they’re due to rise. The procedure is reversed in the summer.

All three types of programmable thermostats can be reprogrammed to change your schedule for the weekend. If you’re home all day for the weekend, you’ll want to adjust the temperature to keep you cooler or warmer accordingly.

If you’re planning to go away on vacation, adjust the programming for minimal heating or cooling. You probably shouldn’t turn off the HVAC totally while you’re away. Even in our warm climate, frozen pipes could occur in winter; in summer, think about possible damage to plants and appliances from overheating.

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