If your home’s central air conditioning system has been malfunctioning and the cause isn’t immediately clear to you, it could be connected to faulty wiring in the A/C. This can result in unexplained stops and starts from the circuit breaker tripping, fuses being blown, or the system shutting down.

Are you a novice in terms of home maintenance but think you may have faulty wiring? If you don’t know what to look for, be sure to note the following issues related to faulty wiring in an air conditioner.

Most will need to be addressed by a trusted HVAC technician:

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Is there exposed wiring?

Does Your Air Conditioner Have Faulty Wiring?Check both the inside and outside units for your split-system A/C for exposed or frayed wiring. A number of wires generally can be seen extending from the machinery. Any defective wiring should be addressed immediately to avoid a fire hazard. Another potential negative consequence is that bare wires may allow moisture into the A/C’s sensitive electrical components, eventually requiring expensive repairs.

Is the A/C halting operation for no reason?

Intermittent operation is another sign of faulty wiring in an air conditioner. This may happen when the A/C’s safety features stop operation as a result of current rising too high.

Is one or more components defective?

Any number of mechanical problems can result in the system shorting out. This can be the root cause of major components such as the capacitor or compressor breaking down.

Are the A/C’s circuit breakers tripping?

When the A/C is pulling too much amperage from the electrical system, this will trip the breaker. You need to determine why the air conditioner is doing this, and then address that problem. While it could be faulty wiring, it could well be a result of some other issue, such as unreasonable demands on the A/C, blocked airflow, dirty condensing coil, blocked registers or vents, etc.

Faulty wiring in the thermostat?

This always a possibility, especially with old-school thermostats that have never been cleaned or maintained. You can address this issue by upgrading to a modern thermostat, or having a newer thermostat checked by a professional.

If the A/C in your The Woodlands area home is malfunctioning, whether because of faulty wiring or some other issue, please contact us at Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning.