Dos and Don’ts - Should You Spray and Clean Central Air Conditioner Unit Coils?If you have an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) maintenance plan in place, you’re already doing the best thing possible to minimize air conditioner repairs. Your central air conditioner professional inspects your coils every visit to ensure they are clean and functioning properly.

AC Coils – Should You Clean Them?

Your central air conditioner (AC) unit has two types of coils. Evaporator coils absorb heat and humidity from the air. Condenser coils expel warm air outside your home. Both coils need to be clean to maximize efficiency. The answer to “Should I clean my AC coils?” is yes and no.

Yes, it’s a good idea to clean the condenser coils if you don’t have an HVAC maintenance plan.

No, you shouldn’t clean the outside unit by spraying it with your water hose. Water pressure can bend the fins that surround the condenser coil.

How to Clean Condenser Coils

  1. Turn the thermostat off.
  2. Turn the main power switch off.
  3. Remove leaves and debris from the outside of the unit.
  4. Remove the top of the unit, carefully. The fan motor may be attached to the top. Place the top where the fan blades and wiring won’t be damaged.
  5. Vacuum dirt and debris out of the bottom of the unit. Using the brush attachment, very gently vacuum the fins. Use an up-and-down motion; vacuuming across the fins can bend them.
  6. Spray the outside of the fins with a coil cleaner or detergent/water mixture and wait 5 minutes. Avoid spraying the fan motor.
  7. Use a cooling fin comb to straighten any bent fins.
  8. Re-assemble and turn the main power switch on and set the thermostat to cool.
  9. Go outside and listen for any odd noises; if you hear anything, call us as soon as possible.

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