After-Effects of a Flood – Steps to Take to RecoverIt doesn’t matter if it’s a flood from overflowing creeks and bayous or if it’s a flood from a broken water pipe, as long as your family and pets are safe, it’s something you can handle. In fact, you’d almost be grateful if you suffered a laundry room flood rather than a whole-house flood; at least the damage would be localized.

No matter how shell-shocked you feel, take pictures as soon as possible. This is a great job for the not-too-young youngsters in the family. While you’re looking for our phone number, they will happily take photos of the flood damage.

After the Flood: The Road to Recovery

The National Flood Insurance Program’s website has some valuable tips for anyone who is struggling with the after-effects of a flood. Their first tip? Call your insurance agent to file a claim.

  • If the flood was bad enough that you had to flee your home, check for structural damage and make sure the property is secure before you re-enter your building. You don’t want to fall through the floor or to get trapped in a building collapse.
  • If you haven’t already, cut the power to the property and keep it off until an electrician has checked your system for safety.
  • Buy bottled water or boil tap water until the authorities tell you the water is safe to drink.
  • Photograph the damage site and also photograph damaged personal property; furnishings, appliances, boxes of memorabilia.
  • Hopefully, you have receipts from or records of large household purchases; these will be necessary to assign a value to damaged personal property.
  • Wet furnishings and items need to be removed from rooms as quickly as possible.
  • When you begin the clean-up, wear boots and gloves. Wet items can be cleaned with a pine-oil cleaner or bleach, then dried. Monitor areas and furnishings closely for mold and odors.

Bradbury Brothers Services

We will work with your insurance company to determine the safest and most economical way to help you recover from flood damage. Put our phone numbers in your contacts list for emergencies: 281-661-4283, 936-756-5472.