Was your home ready for Hurricane Laura?

Did you lose power during the brown-outs? How did the contents of your fridge fare? Did the power surges ruin any of your appliances?

You have options available to make life a little easier in the midst of hurricanes and power outages. We are here to help you improve your comfort and safety, and help you save some money. Was your home ready for Hurricane Laura?

Generator companies are booked up – but you have other options.

Generator companies are booked out for months. But you have other options. Portable generators are also a great option – purchase online or find one locally if you’re lucky! Depending on the size, these can help keep your fridge and freezer running, maybe even some of your lights. Most won’t run your AC, but at least you can get some fans running. Are you interested in getting this set up for you home? Give us a call. We will send out our master electrician to give you a free quote.

Protect all of your home’s expensive appliances and electronics.

If any of your devices were ruined during the brown-outs, they were probably on outlets without any surge protection. But, did you know you can protect your whole house from this damage? Take a minute to think of the cost of replacing your home’s appliances – refrigerator, washing machine, TVs, etc. Don’t leave your home unprotected. 

Call or text us today. We are here and ready to help you get your home prepared for emergencies as your partner in your home’s maintenance. We dodged a bullet with Hurricane Laura, but the season isn’t over for 3 more months – let’s get your home ready for when another storm comes our way. Bradbury Brothers proudly services The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, Montgomery and many other surrounding areas.