Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality With Clean Air FiltersResidential air filters are generally located out of sight in the home, in a wall or sometimes a ceiling. That means most homeowners give little thought to whether air filters are dirty or in need of replacement. To ensure good indoor air quality. However, your air filters need regular replacement.

Dirty Air Filters and Supply Air

Your home’s air conditioner recirculates conditioned air five to seven times a day. As the return air is drawn into the system, it may be taking in such pollutants as mold, dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander and others. These pollutants are supposed to be captured in the system’s filter, and over time, the filter can get clogged leading to poor air circulation. This means mold and the other pollutants do not get trapped in the air filter and can aggravate respiratory problems.

Another common issue is the lodging and buildup of dirt in your air filter as the air is re-circulated. Dirt in the filters will also slow down the flow of supply air, forcing the system to work harder to cool or heat. Energy is wasted, and your utility bill goes up.

Clean Air Filters

While a good quality air filter will help keep your home’s air clean, sometimes professional help with your air intake may be the best solution if you happen to forget about your air filter and realize later that it is stuck. Filters are easy enough to replace, so you can always replace it yourself. However, if for your air filter is so clogged that it is stuck, you’re probably better off hiring a professional so as not to cause any accidental damage.

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