Hard Water and Your Home’s Appliances“They don’t make ‘em like they used to!” is a valid complaint about large household appliances. They really don’t make ‘em like they used to! In the ‘70s, large appliances were built to last almost as long as your home. Back then, people thought the purchase of a washing machine, for example, was “one and done.”

Today’s appliance lifespan is based on the number of working parts. And what we’ve lost in longevity, we’ve made up for in energy savings. “A dishwasher used to use nine…10 gallons of water; now it’s down to three, four or five,” says Massachusetts appliance professional Brian Zippin. “The average washing machine used to use 35-50 gallons per load, but the high-efficiency ones today use only 12 to 15.”

Hard Water Reduces Appliances’ Lifespan

Not many of us have heard of the Battelle Study, but it was a 2009 controlled laboratory experiment to determine the effects of hard water on household appliances. They found substantial evidence that hard water can cost you much more than a water softener or purification system for your home!

ApplianceLifespanLifespan reduced to…
Washing machine117.7

Water Heater Clogs

Your body needs calcium and magnesium but your plumbing doesn’t need it and is damaged if you have it. Possibly the most expensive large appliance that must be repaired or replaced is your water heater. When it runs inefficiently, you waste water and electricity; you also pay higher energy costs because it has to work harder to do its job.

Small Appliances

Coffeemakers and ice machines are the biggest losers when it comes to hard water. In fact, everything in your home that runs water or uses water regularly will operate less efficiently and need replacement sooner, rather than later.

Hard Water and Your Investments

Money needs to go as far as possible and your appliance investments are suffering if you have hard water. Your home itself can depreciate because of the damage hard water can do! A water softening or purifying system saves money immediately on lower energy bills and long-term on appliance repairs and replacements.

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