Hard Water Isn't Only Annoying - 7 Problems That Happen as a ResultAre you one of those people who are a bit over the top about the taste and purity of water? Don’t be embarrassed! Humble, Texas native Howard Hughes would only drink Poland Spring® water, and only from a specific bottling plant!

Hard water often “tastes bad,” and we simply don’t want to drink it. But hard water can lead to more than a yucky taste experience. Hard water problems can impact you financially and jeopardize your family’s wellness. Here’s how:

  1. Appliances won’t last as long – Hard water scale deposits in your dishwasher, refrigerator, and icemaker can jeopardize efficiency; your washing machine will wear out 30% faster because of hard water sediment build-up.
  2. Clogged pipes – If your water pressure is low, your pipes are probably clogged, and damage can include some of your water heater elements.
  3. Potential health issues – Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, reproductive failure, and growth retardation in children have been linked to hard water problems.
  4. Skin feels itchy and dry – Research indicates that eczema in children can be traced to hard water.
  5. Soap scum – Pale, white spots on the shower, in your sinks, and on your counters are ugly. These are soap scum spots, and if unattended, disease-spreading bacteria can grow.
  6. Stains – You’ll be scrubbing rust stains and mineral deposits off water fixtures and bathroom appliances forever if you don’t deal with your hard water asap.
  7. You don’t “feel clean” after a shower – Minerals in your water neutralizes soap. You can’t get a good lather, and it takes more effort to rinse. Your shower head is probably clogged with mineral deposits. Your hair suffers from hard water, too.
  8. Your clothing isn’t getting clean – Hard water problems because of minerals include washing machine line clogs. The minerals make your detergent almost ineffective, and your clothes will age faster. Cleaning hard water stains on your clothes is an expensive, time-consuming problem.

We Can Combat Hard Water Problems

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