How Important is Indoor Air Quality Really?More than likely, you enjoy having a clean home. You probably expend considerable energy keeping the surfaces clean, as well as making sure laundry and dishes are regularly washed and put away. But how much thought do you give to your home’s air? Frankly, the good health of your household depends not only in topical cleaning, but also in ensuring your family members are breathing clean air. So what are the consequences of not maintaining good indoor air quality in your home?

Where Clean Air Starts

Clean air in your home should start by controlling airborne particulates. The best way to do that is to prevent them from entering your home. Some of the typical airborne particulates that are likely to be found in your home are as follows:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or particles given off by pressed wood, household chemicals, dry cleaning chemicals, paint and other sources
  • Radon gas, which infiltrates the home from the ground beneath it
  • Carbon monoxide (CO), which is given off as a byproduct of the combustion of gas appliances
  • Mold, which can colonize a home that’s too humid, as a result of leaks in plumbing or roofs, a blocked condensate drain, improper ventilation or an air conditioner that fails to properly remove humidity
  • Dust entering the home through the open window or on shoes
  • Dander from shedding pets
  • Pollen, which enters the home on clothes or through windows
  • Tobacco smoke

Why Clean Air Matters

Other pollutants could be added to the above list, but the important thing to remember about all of them is that they cause health problems such as allergies and aggravation of asthma and other respiratory ailments. Radon can cause cancer and CO poisoning may lead to sickness and death. Elderly persons, children and those with heart disease and compromised immune systems are at particular risk of health problems from polluted indoor air.

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