An A/C replacement may be one of the most complicated purchases you make as a homeowner. By their nature, cooling systems are complex and expensive. Selecting the best unit for your home involves a series of trade-offs about initial cost, or first cost, as well as its lifetime costs. A well-cared-for air conditioner in our area can last 8-12 years, so the decisions you make beforehand will affect your comfort and energy budget for many years.

First Cost Considerations

How to Compare A/C Replacement Costs — Both Initial and Over the System’s LifetimeBecause HVAC equipment pricing is based largely on the quality of its components, you do get what you pay for when selecting a system. The amount you want to invest may hinge on how long you expect to live in your home and whether you plan to use the new system as a selling point.

If you intend to stay indefinitely, opting for an energy efficient system will have a higher first cost, but it almost always pay for itself. You’ll have lower monthly energy bills whose savings alone may be enough to cover the cost of the A/C replacement quickly. While it will need routine professional maintenance and air filter changes, it’s less likely to need expensive repairs.

Lifetime Costs

The system’s durability, maintenance costs and energy consumption are the expenses associated with the cooling system. Given how much these systems run in our climate, the higher price is more an investment in dependability that ensures your comfort on the hottest summer day and keeps energy bills in line with your budget.

Upgrades to look for include two-stage compressors and variable-speed air handlers that add energy efficiency and increased durability. The least efficient cooling systems run at high speed only. In the short term, this type of system drives up energy bills, and in the long term, it speeds wear and tear because the system only operates at full capacity, wearing its parts faster.

The pros at Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning can help you evaluate all financial and operational aspects of an A/C replacement. We provide exceptional HVAC services for homeowners in The Woodlands area.

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