How to keep your electronic devices cool in the summer heatFor better or worse, we’ve come to rely on our electronic devices, so it can be unsettling when they break down. In our Gulf Coast region, one way to ensure that your electronics don’t malfunction is to keep them cool — particularly over the long, hot summer. If you’re concerned about keeping your computer, router, printer, game console, TV or DVD player cool, these tips may help.

1. Maintain good airflow.

All those electronic devices shoved up against the wall behind your workstation or entertainment area need some breathing room. Many of the devices mentioned above have vents on the back or side so that cool air can be pulled in and exhausted. Storing electronics in a cramped area can lead to overheating and equipment failure.

2. Avoid heat sources.

Keep your electronic devices away from direct sunlight and don’t operate them too close to a source of heat, such as a space heater or furnace vent.

3. Avoid stacking.

Stacking electronic devices can impede the airflow they need to keep cool.

4. Keep the area clean.

Dust, pet or human hair and other debris can clog vents and cause overheating. Keep the area where you operate your devices clean, dusting and vacuuming frequently.

5. Cool off your cabinets with a fan.

Electronics stored in and operated from a cabinet may look neat, but there may not be adequate circulation to prevent them from heating up.You can keep it simple by aiming a regular table fan at the electronics or invest in a fan system manufactured specifically for this purpose.

6. Maintain your air conditioner.

The very best thing you can do to protect your electronics is to maintain your air conditioner. Avoid disastrous malfunctions during the worst summer heat by scheduling an annual service visit with a reputable A/C company. Have your technician check your unit’s refrigerant level, compressor, coils, air handler, electrical connections, thermostat, and controls. Change the air filter regularly.

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