How to Recognize a Broken Sewer LineA broken sewer line can lead to serious problems in your The Woodlands-area home. Sewer lines carry wastewater from your kitchen and bathroom sinks, your shower and tub, and dishwasher and washing machine. If left unattended, a broken sewer line can cause unexpected flooding.

Because the main sewer line is buried deep in the front yard, it can be difficult to identify a broken line. But knowing the signs to look for can help prevent further damage and keep sewer repair costs to a minimum.

Here are three indicators that your sewer line may be broken.

  1. Do you have clogs in multiple drains? While the occasional clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom can usually be solved with the quick use of a plunger if you have a broken sewer line you need a more significant solution. A quick way to determine which type of clog you’re dealing with is to fill your tub until the water backs up. Then flush the toilet. If water comes up into the tub after flushing, you may need help from a professional sewer repair service.
  2. A damaged sewer line is often caused by a break or collapse, and a common culprit is a tree root that has pierced the piping. Look for soggy or recessed spots in the yard which occur if the line has burst, causing water to gush out and soften the soil.
  3. If you see mold growth and smell musky or unnatural odors, it’s time for professional help. Make sure to bring in a plumber with the right equipment, experience, and expertise to locate and repair broken sewer lines.

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