While most central air conditioning systems can be counted on to last around 10-12 years in our area, some last longer and some conk out earlier. Or in many cases, people move into homes where no records exist showing the age of the A/C that’s chugging away in the utility room and beside the house.

How to Tell if it's Time for a New A/C Unit

Air Conditioning Equipment outside of an Hold House
Source: Wikimedia Commons

So how can you tell it’s time for repairs or a new AC unit installation in The Woodlands TX?

Your system’s age. If at all possible, find out how long your A/C has been in service. If it has passed its first decade, it likely will start showing signs of decline. If the system reaches 12 years, start looking for a new system, even if your A/C seems to working OK.

The energy savings you’ll achieve when upgrading from a system installed in the early 2000’s to one manufactured in 2015 will be significant due to advances in technology. You should also consider the fact that in our hot and humid climate, with the very long cooling seasons, air conditioners don’t last as many years as they might up North.?

Reduced efficiency. If you notice your electricity bills have been climbing, and there’s no other explanation, it could be reduced energy efficiency in your central A/C. With time and hard use, the components of an A/C – everything from the air handler to the capacitor to the compressor – can wear down.

This is especially the case with poor maintenance. If you bought the house recently, you may have no way of knowing whether the A/C received proper professional or homeowner maintenance before you moved in. Don’t automatically conclude you need a new system, however. It might just need a professional cleaning and tuneup.

Frequent repairs. If you find yourself calling your HVAC contractor frequently for repairs and service, but the problems just keep reoccurring, it may be time for an upgrade. At a certain point, you should cut your losses and upgrade to a quality, high-efficiency air conditioning system.

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