How Zoning Systems Boost Comfort While Cutting CostsDo you live in a home with multiple levels or one that has variations in cooling and heating from room to room? If so, you’re like a lot of people who can benefit from a zoned climate-control system. Zoning systems divide a home into two or more separate “zones,” each with a separate thermostat and mechanized duct dampers that control temperatures in that zone.

What Factors Make Zoning Systems a Good Idea?

In many homes, a single thermostat is expected to control temperatures throughout the house, from the loft bedroom all the way down to the finished basement. Typically, this means some rooms will be warmer or cooler than others, since the thermostat can only control the temperature in the room where it’s located. This often is the living room or a central hallway on the main floor. So in the winter, you can never make the finished basement feel warm and comfortable, and in the summer, the upstairs bedrooms stay stuffy and hot.

Other factors also can come into play, such as rooms with a lot of window exposure to the afternoon sun. If the thermostat is located in that room, in the winter it won’t kick on the furnace nearly quickly enough for other rooms that don’t enjoy that solar heating. Or if you have finished a garage or added a room onto your home, that expanded space—with its different building materials and ductwork situation—likely will have different heating and cooling characteristics from the rest of the house.

Zoning System Benefits

  • You’ll save energy when you can turn down the heating or cooling in rooms that don’t need it.
  • Face it: not everybody agrees on what temperatures are comfortable. In a home with a zoning system, individuals can adjust the temperatures in the room or area they’re occupying to their own satisfaction.
  • You can enjoy whole-house comfort when different parts of the house have their own climate-control system.

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