Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Winter with These Tips!The New York Times says Houston has an “unsinkable housing market” despite Hurricane Harvey. Recently, a house hunter said a home in Harris County smelled funky during its open house. “They swore they hadn’t had water damage, but the entire place smelled like a wet dog. A dirty, wet dog.” Even the cooler temperatures of fall and winter couldn’t mask the musty indoor air quality.

3 Ways to ‘Winterize’ Your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) cites three ways to improve indoor air quality in winter:

1. Air cleaners

With our homes shut tightly against weather, we may be breathing more bacteria and pollutants than we want. A good air purifier will remove animal dander, bacteria, pollen, smoke, viruses, and other airborne pollutants and it’s an effective way to improve indoor air quality in winter. There are air purifiers in strengths from mild to kill-every-insect-in-a-5-mile-radius-extreme. But those are often dangerous to humans, too.

2. Improved ventilation

Simply put, introducing outdoor air to the indoors is the way to have cleaner air in your home or office. Many forced air HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems do not bring fresh air into your home, so open and use fan vents and windows when possible. You should also explore additional ventilation options:

  • Upgrade/clean your HVAC ventilation ductwork.
  • Enhance your home’s natural air infiltration (openings in walls, ceilings, floors, near windows and doors).

3. Source control

Asbestos or other pollution sources can be enclosed or sealed. You can also adjust the amount emissions on your gas stove. Some feel source control is a better option for cleaner indoor air quality in winter, because additional ventilation may raise energy consumption and costs.

Bradbury Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning

Ask us about air purification systems for your home and ways to improve your HVAC system’s indoor air quality in winter. Dirt and dust build-up in your vents/ductwork means when it’s cold, you’re not just blowing hot air – you’re circulating dirt throughout your home. Our professionals can seal and clean your HVAC ducts and lines for cleaner, healthier air circulation.