Interviewing Your Next HVAC Contractor: Suggested QuestionsYou’ll probably have some questions for your HVAC contractor before an installation or repair of your heating and cooling system. Go ahead and ask. Any reputable HVAC company will take the time to answer all your inquiries.

In addition to the upfront issues of cost and how long the work will take, as well as specifics like energy efficiency and indoor air quality, this is a good time to ask some background questions to make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy, established firm with the track record and expertise to get the job done right. Before you commit to anything in writing, ask your HVAC contractor about these issues and make sure he has the right answers.

  • Are you licensed? Here in Texas, HVAC contractors are required to hold an HVAC contractor’s license. Becoming licensed requires a minimum number of years experience, plus successful completion of the contractor’s license exam. You can verify the status of any contractor’s license online at the Texas Department Of Licensing and Regulation.
  • Are you insured? In Texas, general liability insurance, which includes property damage and bodily injury, is required for HVAC contractors. Any reputable contractor will be happy to provide proof of current insurance.  In addition you should check to see if their workers are covered under workers compensation insurance.  Even though it is not required in Texas, it can protect you if any of their workers are injured on your jobsite.
  • Will I get a full estimate in writing? There’s only one right answer — yes. If you get any other answer or excuse, that’s a red flag that you may want to consider other candidates for your HVAC project.

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