Central air HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems can last from 10-20 years, but Energy.gov says if your system is ten years old, you should consider replacing it with a new system. “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.” They make them better, actually.

3 Signs Your A/C is Struggling

If the kitchen is the “heart” of your home, your HVAC central air is the brain. It controls whether or not you feel comfortable during a typical Southeast Texas summer. If your A/C is struggling to work this spring, NOW is the time to seek a HVAC tune-up before it breaks down completely. Warning signs you should never ignore include:

  1. Is Your A/C Struggling to Keep Up? 3 Warning SignsNoise – There are a variety of noises your HVAC unit can make, but two noises are major red flags: If there is a rattling and/or a grinding noise, shut down and call us immediately. You may have fan motor or compressor failure.
  2. Smell – Clean air is odorless. Any odor, no matter what, indicates a problem. Call us to schedule service.
  3. Utility bills are suddenly higher – It’s spring, so you aren’t using a lot of A/C. But your energy bills are higher and there’s been no tangible rate increase, so . . . call us to schedule a diagnostic.

Remember, if you heed A/C red flags sooner, rather than later, you’ll be better prepared for the blistering Texas heat just around the corner!

A/C Repair and HVAC Replacement Options

Your Bradbury Brothers Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical professionals can help you decide how to make a big difference in your energy bills. Most major HVAC appliance manufacturers have designed replacement parts that may bring your older system up-to-date.

If you’d be better served by replacing your A/C unit (this year or “down the road”), we’ll help you find the most cost-effective solution. Sometimes manufacturers have special sales and discounts and your Bradbury Brothers technician will watch for price breaks!

To decide if regular maintenance can save your HVAC unit or if this is the year to replace your A/C, call 281-651-5484 or contact us. We can help.

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