Keep Your Washer Maintained and Don't Have a Reason to Skip Laundry Day!Plumbers don’t repair or service washers. But where there’s water, plumbing problems can surface. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on the excitement of washing clothes every week, right? Seriously, your washing machine is one of your most important appliances, so here are some tips to help keep it clean and operating at 100% for the duration of its lifespan.

Washer Maintenance for DIYers

Appliances are expensive, so it is worth it to do what you can to prolong your appliances’ lifespans. DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) often enjoy fixing and repairing things around the house, and washer maintenance should be on every diligent homeowner’s list of DIY maintenance to-dos.

  • Clean the water filter regularly, especially in high-efficiency washers. Dirt is more likely to clog your high-efficiency machine’s water filter because it uses less water. Refer to your owner’s manual (it may even be online) to locate the filter.
  • Clean your washing machine regularly. Examine the dispensers and use a toothbrush to remove residue.
  • If your washing machine is off-balance and dances madly during the spin cycle, its days will be much shorter than if it is level. Take care to balance the weight of your clothing in the washer drum and don’t overload the washer.
  • Leave washer door open or lid up between uses. Front-loaders’ door seals get smelly if you don’t. Venting your washing machine between uses is a good idea for every washer.
  • Respect the washer cycles. Your machine operates at its best when you use bleach in the “whites.” With other cycles, the bleach may not rinse out as well. To prolong the life of clothing, the “delicate” cycle is great!

Call Bradbury Brothers Services

Here’s a final DIY: Check your washer’s drain hose position. Make sure it isn’t trapped under the washing machine, too low in the drain, or too high above the washer. If the drain hose isn’t positioned correctly, it may not drain dirty water properly and might even siphon gray water into the washer tub. If you have questions about your washer’s drain/fill connections, call us at 281.661.4283. Visit us on Facebook, too!