How Do You Know When to Replace Your Toilet?Plumber Thomas Crapper did not design the toilet. It was designed by Sir John Harington in 1596, who installed a working prototype in his godmother’s house, which happened to be the palace of Queen Elizabeth I.

How many words do we use for “toilet?” If you’re aboard a boat, it’s called the head. In London, it might be the loo. Or john, commode, water closet, potty, latrine, lavatory. Whatever we call it, replacing a toilet is no easy task. Even the bravest DIYers (do-it-yourselfers) balk at replacing a toilet, and with good reason. Aside from the obvious – the toilet crumbles into pieces on the floor or explodes, sending Danny Glover sky-high – there are other signs that it’s time to update your throne room with a new toilet.

  • There’s always some kind of problem – The handle breaks, the flapper/fill valve sticks and you’re tired of making repairs.
  • It clogs frequently – If you use the plunger more than once a week, you need to call us. Random stoppages may be a repairable problem, or you may need a new toilet.
  • Cracks in the tank or bowl – Tiny cracks can surprise you by enlarging quickly and causing a flood when you least expect it. Over a period of time, tiny leaks can also ruin your floor.
  • Difficult to keep clean – Old, well-scrubbed porcelain sometimes loses its coating, making its appearance dull and “dirty.” If cleaning the toilet every day is not your idea of a good time, call us.
  • Incomplete flushes – Mineral deposits can clog the water inlets and the tank’s siphon tube.

Replacing a Toilet Can Be an Opportunity

Repairing appliances and fixtures may save money in the long run, and with all the broken glass (and porcelain) in our landfills, repair is usually the ecologically sound option. If it’s broken beyond repair, we will recommend replacing a toilet. And that gives you the opportunity to review some of the new technologies and designs in U.S. toilets! Call your Bradbury Brothers Services professional (281.661.4283) and ask about dual flush or tankless toilets.