Knowing When It's Time to Upgrade an HVAC SystemThe HVAC system in your home is responsible for keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year. Problems with heating or cooling may prompt you to consider if you need to upgrade an HVAC system to regain comfort and lower utility bills. It’s not always necessary to upgrade an HVAC system, so it’s important for you to know what to look for when issues are occurring.

Evaluating Your HVAC System

Problems like uneven heating and cooling, rising utility costs and a failure to properly reach the set temperature may not necessitate the purchase of a new HVAC system. Here are some steps that you should take before you consider a complete replacement.

  • Determine whether air leaks are allowing conditioned air to escape from your home and outside air to seep in. Cracks and holes throughout your home can be the source of these leaks, with the most common places occurring around window and doors. Caulk and weatherstripping can usually solve these issues.
  • Insufficient insulation in the attic or basement may also be contributing to HVAC problems. Beefing up insulation can help.
  • If you’re still experiencing HVAC issues, it’s best to opt for an energy assessment before you invest in a new system. Technicians will walk through the home to detect areas of energy loss during this assessment. Specialized equipment may be used to pressurize the home and find sources of air leaks.

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