Leaky Toilets Can Drain Your Bank Account - Don't Let It Happen to You!It’s not always easy to tell where a toilet leak is originating. Typically, it’s due to a toilet flapper or valve seal becoming old and/or worn out, but there are other reasons you may have a leaky toilet or two. Even a little leak can hurt your bank account: a running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day!

Leaky Toilets

The most common toilet leaks are:

  • Water Trickles into Bowl and Tank Periodically Refills. This indicates a problem with the toilet flapper and flush valve. When the seal between the two fails, your toilet leaks.
  • Two-Piece Toilet Leak. You may notice a leak at the base of the tank. It’s usually caused when the rubber seal between the tank and the bowl sections dries out and cracks. Another reason could be a loose bolt in the bottom of the tank.
  • Tank Connection Leak. If you notice a leak where the water supply connects to the tank, it’s most likely the toilet fill valve nut that is loose and/or the seal is bad.
  • Water Supply Line Leak. There are four spots on a supply line that can leak: where the valve attaches to the water supply, where the supply line is connected to the shut-off valve, at the valve stem seal on the water shut-off valve, and where the supply line connects to the toilet fill valve.

Water on the floor around the base of your toilet doesn’t always mean you have a leaky toilet. Sometimes the problem comes from simple condensation on the toilet tank. A qualified plumber can determine whether it’s the base leaking.

Repair Your Leaky Toilets

No matter what degree of leakage, don’t ever leave any toilet leak unattended – they only get worse! Not only will it cost you in utility bills, but it can damage structural elements of your home. To learn more about checking for toilet leaks, or to schedule a plumbing inspection for your home, contact Bradbury Brothers Services today.